Daylight saving delayed for two weeks in NZ

I went to work today at 9:30, and when I log in to my computer, I saw the clock says 8:30, so I thought that must be the daylight saving ended (I never know when this happens every year -_-#), so I turned to my colleague and asked a seemingly stupid question – what time is it now. He confirmed it’s 9:30. So I changed my time on the computer (and didn’t realize the change is not saved), and later on around 11:50 I wanted to make a phone call, I checked my mobile phone and it confirmed the time. I called, and turns out it’s 12:50. Shocking… I use iPhone, and it’s not sync with my workstation but only to the iMac at home, how could these two not related, individual things changed time at the same time, something …

I’m all puzzled and told another colleague, and found out that because the daylight saving has been delayed this year (I knew this actually), but my computer does not know that. What? Why? We’re all in the same network and all computer and servers should be updated at the same time. Turns out our administrator didn’t apply the patch and other people from my team already have that updated (my computer used to be on a different domain because I worked for a different team)

Anyway, that’s just a story, to correct this error, don’t change your time manually, choose and download an update from Microsoft and it’ll all be fine.

Yes, I use this clock at home and it’s really hard to read…


First thing’s first

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